We help homeowners nationwide facing foreclosure, late payments or underwater mortgages.

We specialize in helping families avoid foreclosure by achieving affordable mortgage payments for homeowners in this difficult economic time.

We are advocates for distressed homeowners working with real estate loan compliance specialists doing forensic, securitization audits, Equity Stabilization programs for homeowners and commercial property owners.

Distressed Mortgage Solutions has been providing dependable help to hard-working families and individuals like you who may be facing foreclosure, financial difficulty and/or declining home values.

We Are Rated A with the Better Business Bureau

Our team of loan compliance auditors and attorneys are the most dedicated, knowledgeable and detail-oriented loan auditors in the industry. If your loan or mortgage documentation has violations, we will find them. Our forensic loan auditing team consists of experienced professionals helping people find the legal leverage to dispute their loans. We enjoy and take pride in helping homeowners get the break they deserve! We are very different than any other loan auditing company because we do not take any step of the mortgage process for granted during our review of your loan documentation. Every detail of your mortgage will be reviewed and thoroughly analyzed. Our sophisticated mortgage auditors specialize in mortgage compliance and loss mitigation. They know the laws and guidelines inside and out. They are knowledgeable about TILA, RESPA and many other state and federal real estate and lending compliance laws. Their extensive training gives us confidence in saying our auditors are the foremost mortgage and loan-auditing experts in the industry!


We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best distressed mortgage solutions service in the industry, hands down. WE ARE RESULTS DRIVEN!

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Distressed Mortgage Solutions

Based in Jacksonville, FL, Distressed Mortgage Solutions has been helping homeowners regain control of their loans and avoid foreclosure on their homes for over 9 years. In today’s day and age, we know that there are lots of problems facing homeowners: foreclosure, declining home values, and other financial problems—it happens to everyone.

Distressed Mortgage Solutions’ real estate loan compliance specialists have decades of experience helping families avoid foreclosure by giving them the financial and legal leverage to dispute their loans. Do you suspect that you are the victim of predatory lending? Fraudulence? If it is there, we will find it. With one of the most experienced teams of loan compliance auditors and attorneys, we are more thorough and effective than the competition. We know what to look for, where to find it, and how to defeat it.

At Distressed Mortgage Solutions, we are passionate about helping struggling families get a payment that they can afford. We have the knowledge, and we have the resources—all we need now is to speak with you to understand the unique circumstances of your situation. Contact the forensic auditing experts at Distressed Mortgage Solutions today.


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Distressed Mortgage Solutions, And Its Independent Agents, Are Not Attorneys Or A Law Firm And Not A Substitute For The Advice Of An Attorney. Distressed Mortgage Solutions Does Not Engage In The Practice Of Law, Loan Modification, Short Sale Or Foreclosure Defense. The Company Is Compliant With The Federal M.a.r.s. Act, In That, The Services Offered To Homeowners Is A Securitization - Forensic Mortgage Audit Provided To Consumers As Related To The Mortgage Loan. Consumers Are Encouraged To Seek The Advice Of A Qualified Lawyer Or Law Firm On Legal Matters Related To Forensic Audit Errors And/or Violations, Loan Modification, Foreclosure Defense, Property Sale Dates And Related Legal Matters. At The Request Of Consumers, Distressed Mortgage Solutions May Refer And/or Recommend The Client To A Qualified Attorney Or Law Firm For Further Evaluation Of Their Specific Mortgage-related Legal Matters.